Stirling Marginal Review main page

Some other sites:

Referendum on the proposed closure of Stirling Royal Infirmary's Maternity & Children's Wards

The Hut Project convivial artists project

Variant magazine new web pages

Stirling Albion football webpages, or the unofficial site pages

Stirling Art Club

Scottish Sculpture Workshop, exhibited at McRobert Centre, Stirling

accumulator: exhibition at Cyberia, Edinburgh

The Art Bin Excellent Swedish ezine, whose archive has an informative articles opposing the proposed extensions to the Berne Convention on copyright (which could cover every access to a web page!)

Mirrored pages from the Seven by Nine Squares Neoist site, previously in Berlin. The archive contains some references to the projects initiated at the Data Attic in Dundee.

LOCUS + Newcastle-based organisation promoting non-gallery visual arts.

The British School of Telepathy - a curious project in the para-arts by Simon Lewandowski with Falmouth College of Arts.

Artwork magazine Events listing from this useful Scottish arts' freesheet magazine.

Stirlingshire Index statistical information from the 17th century!

Artpool - a longstanding oppositional art project in Budapest

Squeaky Wheel: Arts in Buffalo, NY

World Wide Arts Resources The comprehensive arts registry on the WWW.

Free improvisation site, giving indices on the current state of play, plus some video clips.

Harry Partch pages, giving some background on this remarkable musician.

Index group of Manchester installation artists.

Index of Scottish web sites by category

Stirling Bridge 700 Events for 1997.

Campaign Against Censorship Of The Internet In Britain